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Whether you are after cycling training, a general fitness enthusiast seeking an individualised training program, or a cyclist/triathlete looking for support, performance improvement and a tailored cycling program – our cycle and triathlon coaching-expert can help improve your training results.

New Cycle Training and Fitness Program for Australia

The Australian cycling, triathlon and fitness scene is a vibrant one.  Yet, compared to Europe we have lacked a widely available support network that provides individualised, disciplined training options for high-performance and specialist sports.

This is about to change with a fitness revolution in the air: Meet Fabio Petró  and the Ciclomulino.

Get Your Personalised Cycling Training from an Italian Cycling Coach  

Fabio Petró is the owner of Your Cycling Trainer and a former semi-professional master cyclist from Italy.  Having cycled and competed since the age of three, Fabio has an unrivaled passion for everything cycling and fitness – and especially how to optimise training methods to achieve peak results for cyclists and sports enthusiasts of all levels.

Fabio is set on helping change the landscape of Australian cycling training and performance – one passionate, unique cyclist, triathlete and fitness lover at a time.

The Ciclomulino – The Secret Weapon for Cyclists, Triathletes and Fitness Fans

Sydney’s top cycling trainer has recently brought the Ciclomulino (a “resistance aerodynamic cyclo ergometer”) over from Italy, to introduce it to the Australian cycling and fitness community as a revolutionary performance testing and training tool.

Find out more on how you can benefit from the Ciclomulino Test & Training Program:

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To find out more about the Ciclomulino cycle ergometer, how to improve your cycling or reaching your personal cycling goals, contact Fabio Petró on 0433 009 704 or email at: yourcyclingtrainer@yahoo.com.au .  You can also follow me on Twitter (@cyclingtrainer) and facebook (yourcyclingtrainer).


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